The nice guys (Shane Black, 2016)


The nice guys, directed by Shane Black (2016).

Score: lots of fun.

Los Angeles, 1977. After the death in mysterious circumstances of porn performer Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio), cowardly and corner-cutting private detective Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is hired to investigate her disappearance by her elderly aunt, who claims she saw her days after the deed. His teenaged daughter Holly (Angourie Rice) has a tendency to come along and help with the investigation. As the trail gets closer to a girl named Amelia (Margaret Qually), March comes across unscrupulous and veteran private eye Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe), who has been hired to make sure Amelia isn’t found. The two are forced to cooperate when they realize something bigger’s going on.

The nice guys is a very fun and action-packed detective flick with tons of funny moments by Lethal weapon writer Shane Black. It’s got plenty of Easter eggs in the form of subversions and parodies of timeless detective story tropes: the two guys are too cowardly to go and save the girl, when they finally ride the elevator they go right back after seeing a bunch of people shooting each other, Holly tries to attack the baddie with hot coffee, which doesn’t work but they slip on the coffee and get knocked out… Also, it’s got a very appealing meandered storyline guaranteed to keep you interested.

You’re gonna love it if you like detective or buddy cop stories. If you don’t, I suggest you give it a try, it might be a breeze of fresh air.

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