Tres bodas de más (Javier Ruiz Caldera, 2013)


Tres bodas de más, directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera (a.k.a.Three many weddings, 2013).

Score: fun.

Ruth (Inma Cuesta) is an insecure marine biologist. Three months after being dumped at her boss’s wedding she gets invited to the weddings of three of her exes. Since she’s terrified of going alone and looking like a loser, the new intern at her lab, Dani (Martiño Rivas) offers to go with her. At the first wedding, Ruth meets handsome and sophisticated plastic surgeon Jonás (Quim Gutiérrez). But the happy ending to her story is not with him.

The film is aimed at people over thirty because of the themes it deals with and the sense of humour. Teenage-like approach to sex and drug use is largely avoided, and though there is some toilet humour, the gags and dialogue are more subtle and toned down. This makes them funnier for people my age, probably more boring for younger people. The characters discuss sex, drugs and relationships in a nonchalant way, and some more politically incorrect situations arise, such as an older woman openly admitting to hiring male prostitutes or an arc involving an extremely bitter and mean handicapped woman. In consequence, the acting is quite restrained and evades extreme slapstick.

Tres bodas de más has a refreshing take on the Betty and Veronica love triangle. While Jonás is a quite typical Veronica, Dani is a kind of Betty you don’t see a lot. He not only supports Ruth in everything she does, but encourages her to be more confident in her abilities and helps her advance her career. He doesn’t love her the way she is (insecure and self-conscious), he sees her potential and wants to help her achieve it. He’s not intimidated by an older, more experienced woman. When Jonás’s lie is discovered, Dani doesn’t whine to Ruth about what a nice guy he is, but calls Jonás out on it. When Ruth is hurt and vulnerable, Dani refuses to kiss her because he doesn’t want to take advantage of her. I wish more love interests in movies were like Dani.

All in all, a fun little movie to watch when you feel like some light entertainment.

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