Hot fuzz (Edgar Wright, 2007)


Hot fuzz, directed by Edgar Wright (2007).

Score: coptastic!

This love letter to buddy cop stories, whodunnits and police procedurals starts when outstanding London Met police officer Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) gets forcibly sent to a countryside village and paired with laid-off and childish fellow officer Danny Butterman (Nick Frost). Sandford has the lowest crime rate of the whole country, mostly because their police station is very indulgent with offenders, but Nicholas is on to discover a quite nefarious plot…

Apparently, Wright and Pegg picked up Roger Ebert’s Bigger Little Movie Glossary and crammed every single cop movie cliché they could in the script. And it shows. It will be difficult to single out every one of them, but the atmosphere is quite well achieved (also I was reading Guards! Guards! at the time so I was very well immersed in the whole crime genre thing). Everything that happens follows a very obvious trope and the only times that tropes are not followed it is because they are being parodied. It could be argued that the film is a bit too long and could have been trimmed here and there, but it manages to keep you with a smile on your face most of the time.

Simon Pegg is really funny as the uptight, virtuous cop as opposed to the manboy he played in Shaun of the Dead, while Nick Frost is there being Nick Frost. The environment is that very British and very endearing thing British comedies do that I absolutely love: my dad loves British comedies with a vengeance and I guess, like father like daughter.

Worth your time, funny, witty, not revolutionary but you’ll have a good one.

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