Day of the tentacle Remastered (LucasArts and Double Fine Productions, 1993-2016)


Day of the tentacle Remastered a.k.a. Maniac Mansion 2, developed by LucasArts and Double Fine Productions (1993-2016, PS4).

Score: Adorkable.

Day of the tentacle brings us back to the Edison mansion for more adventures five years after the events of Maniac Mansion. Purple Tentacle drinks some toxic waste coming out from Dr. Edison’s lab that gives him evil intelligence and a desire to take over the world. In order to stop him, Dr. Fred uses his newly invented and not tested in humans Chron-O-John to send Bernard the nerd, Hoagie the roadie and Laverne the nurse back in time. Though Hoagie gets sent two hundred years into the past, when the Founding Fathers are having a convention, and Laverne is sent two hundred years into the future, when tentacles have already taken over the world.

The gameplay allows you to switch between the three characters and also send objects back and forth in time using the Chron-O-John (though it took me a while to realize this…) Some actions taken in the past have consequences in the future environments, and a lot of the crucial puzzles depend on this. While it’s always a bit inconvenient to play a point-and-click with a PS4 controller, the controls and shortcuts are fluid and easy to use.

The dialogue has the same sense of humour that is Schafer’s trademark, though it’s less socially aware than Grim Fandango and Broken Age, and more focused in being a fun adventure with some very absurd situations. The graphism and slapstick is heavily based on Looney Tunes cartoons.

The remaster does improve the graphics and sound a little and includes a fully functional version of Maniac Mansion, but maybe it’s not worth it if you already played the original. Worth your time if you enjoyed The secret of Monkey Island or other graphic adventures.

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