The lost thorn (Joshua P. Aguayo)


The Lost Thorn, by Joshua P. Aguayo.

Score: A little cyberpunk adventure.

The Lost Thorn takes place in Quito in 2132. Samantha Thorn is a drug addicted and problematic teenager in a city run by evil megacorp ClearSight with an iron fist. Kiriana Fondegass, another teenager, is employed to monitor Samantha at all times since she’s considered to be dangerous and subversive. Everything changes when Samantha’s gang leader tasks her with inspecting a very rare magical object.

While Aguayo still has to polish his style, The Lost Thorn is a fun little cyberpunk adventure. All the usual cyberpunk tropes are played straight and at the same time cyberpunk is used to deconstruct another branch of fantasy, but I won’t spoil which. The chapters are excellently planned and the pacing is very enjoyable.

The tone and sense of humour will make it more enjoyable for young adult readers, but everyone looking for some fun commute reading can find this novel entertaining.

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