Infamous: Second Son (Sucker Punch, 2014)


Infamous: Second Son (PS4, Sucker Punch, 2014).

Score: Quite good, very entertaining.

In Infamous: Second Son, you’re Delsin Rowe, an Akomish indian and amateur graffitti artist who discovers he’s a Conduit with the power to absorb other Conduits’ powers. The Akomish tribe is crippled by Brooke Augustine, using her concrete powers, and Delsin’s mission is to find a cure, with his brother Reggie’s help. Seattle is run by the DUP, a military force lead by Augustine, which hunts down and oppresses Conduits and presents them as bioterrorists to the public opinion.

I haven’t played the other Infamous games, so this is my first impression of the franchise, and the verdict is that it’s so much fun. See, we got a PS4 with Watchdogs, I played it for an hour or so and found it so pretentious and uptight that we sold it back to the store. It didn’t live up to the hype and, most importantly, wasn’t fun to play, which Second Son is.

It’s an open sandbox, where you can climb and jump over everything, with your main quest and secondary quests, which are mainly destroying DUP bases and collecting stuff. Even the collection quests are so much fun! It’s the first time in a very long while that I’ve collected absolutely everything because the items were easy to find, but not so much to make it boring, and they were actually fun to collect, especially the flying drones. You can collect different powers and level them up. Depending on if you’re going for good karma or evil karma the fighting style changes, so you either kill your enemies or just immobilise them. And you can move on the map quite fast, which saves you those boring moments of ‘great, I have to travel all the way to the other side of the map and it’s going to take me ages’. Also climbing buildings and walls is very easy so the gameplay is much more vertical than other sandbox games. The controls are easy, straightforward and respond well. It’s more on the easy side overall, not that much of a challenge.

The story is nothing too sophisticated but works like a charm. You came here to have fun, not to reflect on the meaning of life, but that doesn’t mean the plot is just plain stupid. I like the mild dystopian-cyberpunk feeling of the setting.

The graphics are nice and practical, and I love so much the light effects: neon, holographics, smoke and sparks, they all look so good. The slight change of colours along with your karma rating also works pretty well. It’s not going to knock you out of your sofa but they work well. You have to think that it’s a sandbox game and also a new generation launch game, so taking those two into consideration you can see that the graphics are actually quite good.

The voice acting… well, let me explain. I live in Spain and speak Spanish and my PS4 has its menus in Spanish so the industry assumes I want the rubbish Spanish dub of the game and won’t let me have the original voices with everything else in Spanish, the way I like it (the way nobody else likes it because I live in a country full of people with terrible taste in acting). I found that I actually have to change the whole language settings of the console to get the original voices, and I found it after I actually suffered the horrible, overacted, badly read, wrongly intoned, pausing in the wrong spot of the sentence, Spanish dub. I’ve been listening to the original dub and it’s more on the mumbling side but at least it sounds natural. You know, like real people speaking to each other.

To sum it up, it’s money well spent.

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